AISV President’s Message

It is an honour to be elected as President of AUSTRALIA INDIA SOCIETY OF VICTORIA (AISV). I came to Melbourne in 1982 as a then seven- teen-year-old and in my first job I found myself catering at an AISV event. Not in my wildest imagination, I would have dreamt that one day I will be asked to lead this organization.

The current political, demographic and social climate of this great country is changing dramatically, that brings new challenges and new sets of issues that we, as a community, need to address. We have a demographic of Indians who have lived here for over 50 years. Then we have the second wave that came here in the eighties and the current younger generation that moved here in the last 10 to 15 years. Not to forget the current students who want to call Australia home. The level of challenges faced by each of these groups is unique and different. We need to be able to help each of these groups in meeting these challenges. I have a family and have had extensive experience running a small business. I have had dealings with Local, State and Federal government agencies over the years. All of this, I feel, gives me the perspective to relate to all these demographics.

The AISV has a great history and track record. As I have said earlier “I have big shoes to fill”. The outgoing president and the founding members of the AISV have given us a great foundation to build on. I am confident that with the support of my Vice President, Secretary, treasurer and committee members, I can rekindle this brand of AISV to help support our community. I am counting on the support of all well-wishers in the community, not just the committee.

I had the privilege of being invited to Canberra for the budget night dinner at Parliament House and was honoured to represent the AISV. The federal budget is trying to give a stimulus to small business and wage earners. In the current economic times, we need very sound fiscal management. I hope Morrison Government to manage our fiscal policy wisely. Speaking of policy the foreign policy in terms of free trade agreements needs to be kept on track to benefit Australian Business We need to have a broader interaction with the Australian community. AISV is a society not just for people of Indian origin but a society for all Indophiles. It is in this spirit that we have brought in Ms Santi Whiteside into our committee. She is vice president of the Indonesian Association and brings a lot of experience plus energy to our committee. We will always be on the lookout to bring in new talent to our organization.

It is my pleasure to serve my community, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Karan Gandhok
President AISV
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