AISV President’s Message

Dear Members,

As we endure the harsh chill of winter, with inflation reaching its highest point in over three decades, I, Karan Singh Gandhok, as your President, want to acknowledge the genuine hardship many Australians face. The cost of living crisis, aggravated by increasing mortgage payments and soaring utility bills, is nudging our economy towards a mini-recession. Every day Australians feel the pres- sure of having to make the painful choice - to heat or eat.

However, amid this grim reality, we must recognise that we are still in a more favourable position than many other countries. This should not make us complacent but grateful that our destinies led us to this beautiful part of the world.

The Indian Diaspora continues to grow both in numbers and influence. The recent visit of Hon’ble Narendra Modi to Australia and the warm re ception he received from the Australian Government and the Indian com munity was a moment of great pride for us all. I remember the visits of Hon’ble Morarji Desai in 1978, Hon’ble Mrs Gandhi in 1981, and Hon’ble Rajiv Gandhi in 1986. None of these great leaders drew the audi- ence that our current Prime Minister did. This is a testament to the growing significance of the Indian community in Australia.

On the business front, the bond between India and Australia continues to strengthen. Our sporting interactions, particularly in cricket, have been bolstered by the increasing Australian representation in the IPL. The Aussies’ victory over India in the Champions Test undoubtedly gave them the momentum to pull off an impressive win in the first Ashes Test.

As we approach the Voice Referendum, we must embrace our past to forge a better future. However, we must remain vigilant and prevent this process from being manipulated by those with vested interests.

Our recent Mehfil night in May was a resounding success, and the AISV remains committed to fostering improved relations within our Indian Diaspora. As we gear up for our AGM, I urge all members to get involved. Your innovative ideas and suggestions are invaluable for the continued evolution of our community.

As we navigate these challenging times, please stay safe and warm. Our collective resilience and unity will see us through.

Karan Gandhok
President AISV
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