AISV President’s Message

Dear Members,

As 2023 concludes and 2024 approaches, it's a moment for us to ponder on the ongoing challenges we'll face in the new year. The situation in the Middle East is deeply concerning, with its humanitarian implications likely to be far-reaching. My hope for the New Year is for mutual recognition and coexistence between the conflicting sides.

The referendum's outcome was a 'No' vote, yet it's vital that we continue to support the wellbeing of Australia's First Peoples, ensuring a just and equitable society.

Despite rising interest rates, Australia's economy and property markets have shown resilience, bolstered by immigration. The post-Christmas spending data promises to be intriguing.

2023 was a significant year for the AISV. Following the pandemic, we celebrated Republic Day/Australia Day and Independence Day with enthusiasm. We engaged in extensive dialogues with federal, state, and local government bodies about the needs of the Australian Indian Diaspora. The AISV played a key role in easing tensions within various diaspora groups. We also contributed to the Victorian Government's Beacon Schools Program by initiating Hindi/Punjabi language classes in select state schools.

As we prepare to commemorate the AISV's 60th anniversary, making it the oldest Indian organization in Australia, we recognize the expanding needs of our diaspora and remain committed to serving our community's best interests.

We are fortunate to be in Australia, away from many global issues. I hope our future generations will continue to celebrate Deepavali, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Baisakhi, Christmas, and other cultural events together, fostering community spirit.

Wishing all members and their families a joyous festive season.

Karan Gandhok
President AISV
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